Léo Picard

Léo Picard

Ph.D. Candidate in Economics

University of Basel

About me

I’m a doctoral student and assistant at the University of Basel, Department of Public Economics.
My research focuses on the effect of climate policy on firm behaviors.

I am also working in political economy as a doctoral research affiliate at ETH Zürich, Law, Economics and Data Science group. More precisely, I study the interplay between media and politics, how language and framing information affects public policy preferences.

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  • Public Economics
  • Political Economy
  • Text as Data
  • Auditor training in NLP and ML, 2020-21

    ETH Zürich

  • Master of Science in Economics, 2019

    University of Lausanne (HEC)


Tutor - Economics of Public Policy

Fall 2021 - University of Basel

Course catalog pageADAM pageInteractive public goods game

Tutor - Big Data for Public Policy

Spring 2021 - ETH Zürich

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University of Basel
Faculty of Business and Economics
Peter Merian-Weg 6, office 4.40
4002 Basel, Switzerland